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You are worth it.

A must read! And check out the book 🙂 I am!

Rosie Malezer

To anybody who is caught inside an abusive relationship, know that your abuser will never change.  Don’t keep telling yourself that they will change or that they will one day wake up and be a better person.  While they may have good days and a good moment here and there, it does not make up for the fact that your abuser belittles you, hits you, threatens you, your life, the lives of the people you love.  You are an amazing person, regardless of whether you know it or not, andYOU DESERVE BETTER than what is happening to you.  Ignore your abuser when they tell you that nobody else would have you.  Only a coward would intentionally set out to hurt you when all you want to do is show them love.  Find a way to get out of your situation.  MAKE A NOISE with your family and police, ensuring that…

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