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In the midst of all the chaos, you remain undefeated. When you thought that you had lost the war, you were actually the champion. Through the wounds and the scars you stand undefeated.

Fighting battles no one ever knew about. Surviving with the impeccable strength you yourself were unaware of. Undefeated. Feeling like you are drowning in a sea of guilt, embarrassment and shame. Thinking it is you to blame. But it is not your fault. You never deserved the abuse.

Many battles may have been “lost”. But it’s you who won the final war. It is you who won against that evil force. It is you who had the final say. It is you who said enough is enough. You said no longer would you be the victim. The warrior inside of you raised its sword and cut you free. Your inner warrior came to the rescue and gave you the plan. You ran and you never looked back. You ran and fled for safety. You escaped. You overcame all of your fears that kept you trapped in that cage of hell.

When you feel like it may have been better to have stayed because now you have nothing, remind yourself that you now have everything because now you can do all the things you have always been able to do. You now can spend time with your family, spend time with friends and even make new friends. Now you can go back to school or even have a job without fear of losing it. You can dress the way you want to, wear your hair the way you want to and even wear makeup if you feel like it.

But the greatest thing you have given yourself is life. You no longer have to fear for your life. You no longer have to have sleepless nights wondering if you will make it and see another day. You have a new lease on life. A fresh start. You have the chance to start over from scratch. It may sound scary but it is actually a great opportunity. You can self-reflect, and learn the new you. ( previous blogs Love Afterwards, Trust Afterwards,and Hope Afterwards)

No more walking on eggshells. No more being under the control of someone else. You have all the control, you hold all the power of your life now.

So my questions to you:

What will you do now that you are free?

What will you do with this new lease on life?

How do you feel now that you know that you are undefeated?

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