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“She Had a Little Rebel in Her…”

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I found this quote by R.M. Drake. It really spoke to me, and I would like to share it with all of you: “She had a little rebel in her. A little chaos and a little gentleness. She didn’t say much and sometimes she would doze off. She would drift away, dream with the stars and that was ok. She had a little fight in her and every time she built enough courage her voice would echo through the sky. She wasn’t complete but she had enough. There was a science to her genius, her madness, her beauty and there was nothing she couldn’t accomplish. She was unstoppable and everything she ever wanted she took, with nothing on but a smile.” ~ R. M. Drake

When I read it; it had me look at my past.

There were times I myself seemed to only have a drop of fight left in me. But somehow mustered enough courage to make it through.

No matter what life has thrown at me, I always managed to catch it bare-handed.

It would seem like life would give me its best shot. Yet, just like a tree in a storm; I may bend but the strength that is deeply rooted within would never allow me to break.

When I wanted to scream; I found a way to laugh.

I somehow knew that I would make it. I knew that at times it would be hard and maybe seem impossible, but I knew I would make it out on top.

I just knew that I could accomplish anything as long as I didn’t give up the fight! If I whole-heartedly believe it, I will achieve it.

I think that is one of the hardest things to remind ourselves: That we will make it! That we are stronger than we think. I believe that is why at times we need certain people in our lives. These people remind us of our strengths when we are at our weakest. They remind us of the beauty that shines from within when we can’t see thru the dark clouds that seem to blur our vision. So, take life by the horns, ride it into the wind. Do not ever give up knowing that you will succeed. Even when we fail (we know we are not perfect), dust off and try again. Failures are not actually bad. They give us a deeper insight into that particular situation. It is just another branch in our tree of life.

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