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I’m Still Here

Hey everyone,

Sorry I have not been on with my usual weekly, bi-weekly posts. I have taken time away to focus my thoughts on a project I have been putting off for years. I FINALLY DECIDED TO START WRITING MY BOOK! YES!!! Over the weekend I officially decided to start working on it.

With that being said, I also decided that as for my newsletter, I would make it a monthly newsletter instead of a weekly newsletter. I will still be posting on here occasionally, most likely posting more videos, and other blogs I come across. I do not want to keep my readers in the dark or make them feel like I stopped doing this. I love posting on here, and even more I love he feedback I get from each and every one of you.

I know while writing this book I am going to have some difficult moments, and have times where memories will bring me to tears. Yet at the same time this book needs to be written and it needs to be shared. I will post updates on the book, and even possibly blog about what I am feeling while discussing certain topics.

In this book I plan too bear it all. In this book I plan to break barriers in my life in order to help others break their own barriers.

I ask that you all bear with me. Continue supporting one another.and remember to continue spreading the word. Continue to bring awareness about domestic violence and all the forms of abuse. Continue to break the silence!

Thank you all so much for your continued support!

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