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Whomps are a species of enemies from the Mario franchise that debuted in Super Mario 64. They are large enemies that resemble rectangular stone slabs with snaggletoothed faces, simple hands and arms, and legless feet. They are the minions of Bowser and the Whomp King. They attempt to crush Mario by falling over and trying to land on top of him when he gets near. They can be defeated by Mario causing them to fall over and subsequently ground-pounding on their sole weak spot, their back, which is marked by a cracked area with either a bandage or a ground-pound switch symbol, depending on the game. Whomps are affiliated with Thwomps, another crushing stone enemy. In their initial appearance, the two enemy types share the same voice clip. In later games, Whomps are given a unique voice.

Mafia 2 Patch 1.4 Crack




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