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[S1E4] Articles Of Faith

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[S1E4] Articles of Faith

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The episode continues with Freeman visiting Gobleki Tepe, an ancient city in Turkey, Egypt, Australia, India, and Guatemala to learn stories of how other faiths describe creation as occurring. Some involve twins and corn (Mayans). Some involve star babies and dreaming (Aborigines). Some are close to the Christian view (Islam), And others just focus on cycles of creation without getting into any details (Hindu).

Our community is fortunate to have Geoffrey and Blake in its midst. Their examples of relying on faith and finding purpose in what seems to be the worst of times, can encourage all of us to be stronger.

Our three-part series in anticipation of our Faith and Flourishing conference will continue next week with Amy Fenton Lee discussing what faith leaders and families of people with disabilities should know about each other and how to repair relationships that got off to a wrong start. We will conclude in two weeks with Bill Gaventa talking on how congregations can support their members with disabilities beyond Sunday mornings. You can learn more about these three workshops featured in Amplified, plus the eleven additional workshops of the full Faith and Flourishing conference, and register to attend at TASH thanks the following partners for their sponsorship of the Faith and Flourishing conference: The Vanderbilt University Kennedy Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities, Anthem, the Down Syndrome Association of Middle Tennessee, the Tennessee Council on Developmental Disabilities and SRVS.

Luna prays to the Goddess Selemene. She is troubled by the stolen lotuses, along with the prophecies that come with them. The Goddess tells her not to worry. She explains these are all legends and bedtime stories. She needs to have faith. 041b061a72

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