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Definitely Not Fried Chicken Free Download !!LINK!!

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Definitely Not Fried Chicken Free Download

When you think of Popeyes you probably think of fried chicken. That is their main and best selling point, however they do have a secret keto friendly item you may not know about. The blackened chicken tenders at Popeyes are a real low carb treat!

Sadly there are not too many low carb options at this fried chicken joint. They are known for biscuits and mashed potatoes with gravy, two things that are definitely not keto. There is a hidden gem in the chicken sandwich world that is Popeyes though, green beans. Popeyes is known for their flavorful slow cooked green beans and turkey bacon. While it might not be the most exciting low carb side ever, keto at Popeyes is still possible.

Greeted by a friendly staff and promptly seated. We both ordered fried chicken dark pieces, the best fried chicken we ever had . Unfortunately I have no photos because I couldn't stop eating after the first bite. And fresh cut fries, excellent. Hope everyone can experience this exceptional find.

Been looking for a place with great fried chicken. We finally found it at Nicks. Super friendly staff, and the food was great. The fried chicken is the best around by far. I also had the Cheeseburger, and that was really good too. Highly recommend.

Best chicken in town. It was crispy, tender and moist. I don't even like chicken thighs and theirs was great. The fried okra was great and seemed to be made on site. If you like fried chicken, definitely stop by.

We also asked last year's winners such as Speakerfoxxx and H. Harper Station's Jerry Slater whom they'd honor in their categories this year for another new feature called Winners Pick a Winner. Speaking of last year's winners, you might've noticed our note on the cover about a special message from Killer Mike, our 2012 Critics Pick for Best Overall Artist. If you've got an iPhone, download the free Layar app and scan the cover for a fun surprise. (If you don't have an iPhone, use your mom's, a friend's, a stranger's, whatever.) 041b061a72

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