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Race 07 Cars Download: The Ultimate Guide to Modding Your Game

Race 07 features more than 300 cars in nine different racing classes. Race 07 includes the full 2006 and 2007 seasons of the FIA World Touring Car Championships (FIA WTCC) as well as 8 more classes on 14 tracks from all over the world.

race 07 cars download

Race On is an expansion pack to RACE 07 developed by SimBin Studios (later Sector3 Studios) and adds the 2008 World Touring Car Championship season, the International Formula Master series and some American Muscle Cars in both road and race-tuned versions to RACE 07. It was released internationally on October 16, 2009. It is available as a stand-alone game including Race 07 as well as its previous expansion pack STCC - The Game (which was only released as a boxed copy in Scandinavia) and as an add-on pack to those who already have Race 07 and/or STCC - The Game.

Two brand new American tracks (Laguna Seca and Road America) are included in the game, as well as a considerably higher number of races from America itself. To accompany the 2008 WTCC cars, updated versions of the 2006 & 2007 tracks featured in RACE 07 are included, plus the new circuit for that season, Okayama.

IT Reviews commented that "Race On is a good value for money package, with a colossal number of cars and tracks on offer if you've not got the original game". However, it added that for those who already own Race 07, all you get is "new muscle cars to play around with, and the Swedish championship", which makes it a "slightly less compelling purchase for them".[5]

7. There is also a Jaguar safety car in this mod. If you want to activate it (it will replace all the standard safety cars,but the activation can easily be reverted) open your ...race 07\Gamedata\Teams\TrackVehicles\Safetycar folder,open all the .car files and follow the instructions.

8. There is an edited .aiw file for Thruxton full included.The update prevent the cars from crashing in the last chicane.Paste 'Thruxton_Full.AIW' into ...race 07\Gamedata\Locations\Thruxton_Full if you have that track installed.

qwerty24 for new updated dashes to most of the carsGünthar Rowe for useful support when making AL Super Touring modRyan Callan for providing an engine torque graph.Knut Omdal Tvieto for providing downforce informationBTCC-style numbers font by DrummerGuy33All skins were remade for this mod, but some details were copied from skins sent from Simon Gardner, Alexander Hederby, Mark Gormley and Pat O'ReillyGear box sounds by Jandri, sent to me by Simon GardnerAnd, of course, Simbin for the game:)

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Punto di riferimento nel simracing dal lontano 1999, per migliaia di appassionati della guida virtuale, con notizie giornaliere, articoli, download gratuiti, un seguitissimo forum di discussione, dotata inoltre di una moderna infrastruttura di rete con servers dedicati per gare e tornei.

While it may not quite have the glamour of Formula 1, the World Touring Car Championship is nevertheless still pretty darned exciting. This realistic simulation puts you in the seat of a speedy car which you must steer through a series of rigorous tracks. The cars in this case are not expensive protypes, but the kind of machines that you see on the road - only souped up to the extreme.

The result is an exciting competition in which each race is a genuine battle, as all the cars are of a similar standard, with the only difference being the degree to which each has been modified. Race 07 boasts all the official circuits, cars and drivers of the WTCC and is incredibly realistic. Luckily, you can automate many of the driver functions, giving you the ability to take corners at 200 kmph without too many problems. The rendering of the vehicles and the motion in this game are quite amazing and sonically you can hear every roar and screech of the motors. One of the best driving games of the year.

Race 07 allows you to enjoy 9 different racing classes, each with its own distinctive character. From the prestigious World Touring Car Championship to the insane speed of the F3000 class. These are just a few of the many cars and classes featured in this ultimate racing sensation.

NEW YORK - October 2, 2007 - Viva Media, LLC, is proud to announce that RACE 07 - The Official WTCC Game for PC DVD-ROM ships to retailers in North America today. Developed by award-wining SimBin Development Team AB, a company known for creating highly realistic racing games such as GTR, GT Legends, GTR2 and RACE, RACE 07 features more than 300 cars in nine different racing classes and includes the full 2006 and 2007 seasons of the World Touring Car Championship (WTCC).

Intense "single seater" action: on these open racecars we have developed a helmet camera as never seen before. Not only does it accurately resemble the view from inside a helmet, it also has all the visor dynamics the real fan could wish for. The visor gets dirty and can be cleaned by pulling a protective layer of plastic off, the so called "tear-off."

The driving model is as solid as ever, providing a realistic simulation of the racing included. That means accurate understeer and oversteer, along with practice laps, the twin-race format and men at the side of the track waving flags to alert you of crashes up ahead.

The new cars bring a welcome dose of speed to matters, with the Radicals' great audio and rapid acceleration being especially worthy of a mention. The Formula cars, as expected, provide oodles of grip, as long as you're gentle with the throttle coming out of corners and as anyone who's driven an open-wheeled car can testify, they're also fragile, needing a gentle touch to make it to the finish line.

Despite a general improvement in terms of graphics, there's still something lacking. Things sometimes feel a little flat thanks to the lighting effects, the cars throw really jagged shadows and when I got a puncture, the car just sunk into the ground on that side, rather than actually deflating the tyre. Of course, none of it's gamebreaking stuff, but I still can't help but feel a smidgeon of disappointment that driving games on PC don't measure up to the lushness of the next-gen consoles yet.

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Race 07 features more than 300 cars in nine different racing classes. Race 07 includes the full 2006 and 2007 seasons of the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile World Touring Car Championships (FIA WTCC) as well as 8 more classes on 32 tracks from all over the world.

In addition to cars from the WTCC 2006 and 2007 seasons, Race 07 also includes the Formula 3000 (Euro Formula 3000), Radical (SR3 and SR4), Formula BMW, Caterham (CSR200, 260 and 320 concept), Mini Cooper S and 2 cars from the WTCC 1987 season (the Alfa Romeo 75 and BMW M3).

b5! H A T R E D P R E S E N T S RACE 07 Update v1.0.0.9 (c) SimBin 22/11/2007 :.. . protection ..: SecuROM 0 :.... DVD(s) . genre .......: Racing RACE 07 update README This patch will upgrade any of the following RACE 07 Offline versions: RACE 07 Offline, Atari release RACE 07 Offline, Viva Media release RACE 07 Offline, Tech Dealer release Note: This patch will not update the RACE 07 Offline version in the game released by Akella (Russia). Another patch will be released for that version. Follow the instructions in the installer and make sure to double check that the installer points to the correct game directory. RACE 07 Updates: ****:// RACE 07 Support: ****:// Changelog for the update: * Enabled Rolling Starts. This gives the option to choose between rolling or standing start in 1 race format. Choosing 2 race format the first race will be rolling while the second will be standing. * Fixed timing on dual core processors (flicker fix on some computers). * Cleaner game exit for non supported video cards. * Fixed bug where player was stuck in menu when qualify ran out. * Added re-load custom skin feature. * Custom skinned cars are now using the correct cameras. * Fixed lap times in timing screen (right click on driver). * Fixed low fuel icon. Icon now gets displayed earlier. The color code has changed from yellow to red. * Fixed difficulty setting which was previously shared between game modes. Each game mode has its own setting now. * Fixed driving aids being switched off in championship mode. * Fixed driving aids on/off issues. * Tighter cutting rules for Magny Cours. * Fixed cutting rule problem in Valencia National. * Fixed collision on Porto around pit area. * New talent files (driver AI related) for Caterham, F3000, FBMW, Mini and Radical classes which have lead to a wider spread in Qualify. F3000 drivers have improved in wet conditions. * AI wet speed has been tweaked for better consistency between tracks. * General AI speed tweaks for better consistency against player. 1. Unpack. 2. Install the update. 3. Copy crack. 4. Enjoy! HATRED does not condone in selling warez of any kind. HATRED does not respect any p2p networks, NFOrce or anything to make the scene more public. HATRED does not believe in using a lesser protected executable whether it be a steam exe, unprot exe, demo exe, activemark exe, direct2drive exe or any other weaker protected exe to make a cheap copy/paste code exe and then label it as a crack. Nor do we believe in any other sorts of cheap workarounds. We greet the respectable groups like: RELOADED - GENESIS - BACKLASH - DELIGHT - RAZOR1911 ascii art by barium

Race 07 is the sequel to SimBin's acclaimed racing simulator Race. As its predecessor, Race 07 includes seasons 06 and 07 from FIA's touring car championship, the WTCC. However, unlike its predecessor, Race 07 is not only a touring car game. Besides having all the cars and makes from the WTCC, even some from 1987, race has a huge number of cars. It has WTCC Extreme version of car, the Mini Cooper S and the Caterham car. Race 07 also breaks its previous mods and it includes two single seater, a F-3000 Lola car and a Formula BMW. As well as the popular British cars, the Radical SR3 and SR4. The game also includes 15 tracks, 14 of them from the WTCC calendar, and several different layouts for the tracks. The single player mode of this game is great, however the multi player is also excellent. There are already several championships, including a World Championship based on this game. The physics, as in any SimBin game, are excellent, and they got a lot of racing input from real WTCC drivers. The only downside is that this game has really steep system requirements for it to run with full graphic modes. But if you are looking for a great racing game with lots of support, Race 07 is an excellent choice.

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