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Archive 8.7z REPACK

(A) Stolon bearing traps. Insert shows mature trap. Red line drawn from mouth (right) to the furthest point at the back of the trap. (B) OPT volume views of a trap in lateral view (top) or ventral view (bottom). (C) Volume view clipped in the sagittal plane. Coloured squares indicate landmarks: dorsal lip (red), ventral lip (magenta), and stalk indentation (green). Domains between these landmarks are colour-coded as red (dorsal midline), magenta (ventral midline), and green (stalk). Data , Fig 1.7z archive. OPT, Optical Projection Tomography.

Archive 8.7z


Result of running the integrated model with increased growth rate in thickness for the STK and VEN regions. Side view (left) and sagittal section (right). Domains colour-coded as in Fig 6O and 6P. Scale bar 500 μm. Models: or , Models.7z archive STK, Stalk factor; VEN, Ventral factor.

(A) Growth of areal conflict model side view coloured for cell area from starting spherical canvas at 4 DAI to resultant canvas at 10.5 DAI. (B) Areal conflict model front view. Arrow highlights larger ventral midline cells. (C) Directional conflict model, side view. (D) Directional conflict model, front view. Arrow highlights smaller ventral midline cells. Magenta line shows ventral midline; red line shows dorsal midline. Grey region shows mouth. In all images, colour scale shows cell area (μm2) on logarithmic scale. Data , Figs 9, 10, S4 and S6_7z archive. Models: or , Models.7z archive. DAI, days after initiation

Trap side views of segmented confocal images shown in Fig 9B, coloured for cell area. Arrows highlight hemispherical gland cells that remain small. Colour scale shows cell area (μm2) on logarithmic scale. Data , Figs 9, 10, S4 and S6_7z archive.

These datasets were publicly available from a Government of India website, but the data are no longer accessible from that site anymore. Please see the following archive link, which is a record of what the government website looked like in the past: ://

On Windows 98 libclamunrar needs unicows.dll,you can download opencow (open source version of MSLU) from Open Layer for Unicode,extract the archive, then place unicows.dll in the same directory of clamav.This package is a slightly improved version by me, you can find sources here

An electronic archive of Z-related files is still available via anonymous FTP with associated index and README files. The archive was transferred to the ZUG website in November 2002. However, some files may still be useful. A Z bibliography is available. Older versions are available in BibTeX database and compressed PostScript format.

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