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Going Balls: The Game that Will Keep You on the Edge of Your Seat

There are endless levels of platforms created exclusively for this little ball in this game. Up in the sky, you will roll the balls on the road and try to reach the finish line at each level. Starting from level 1, you will see many levels in different atmospheres. The background will change, and there will be rich sceneries to take a look at in the advanced rounds. Likely, the obstacles on the road will alter, and there will be bigger challenges. No more support bars on the sides, huge hammers that are rotating around the road, ramps to jump over, etc. When you successfully pass the levels and collect the coins during the ride, you can unlock new skins with those coins, too. Now, just keep pushing the ball forward by using the arrow keys and see how many levels your adventure will last!

Use the arrow keys, WASD or swipe to move the ball and make sure it always stays on the platform. Avoid all the obstacles and master demanding challenges to reach the finish line unscathed in each level. Collapse the cube towers, collect lots of gold coins and more balls. Start with a silver ball and use your winnings to buy new skins for your ball. In Going Balls you can even let a basketball or a melon roll into the goal.

going balls

There will be rows of cash along each road. To gather gold coins, move the ball until it touches them. Gold coins can be exchanged by players for new balls and new game layers. Simply a means of giving the game a new, elegant feel each time you play. Start playing games online on for free without downloading. Long downloads and annoying updates are over. Without downloading or installing the game, you can play your favorite Going Balls in the cloud on your PC or mobile device.

Use the mouse to swipe the balls and start them, the arrow keys to steer them, and advance through each course until you reach its finish line, without falling to the sides or hitting any other obstacles/traps that can make you lose.

Going very fast or with full effort, as in "going balls out" or "going balls to the wall". This meaning comes from the mechanical speed governors of steam locomotives, which had two weighted steel balls that extended outward when at maximum speed[^8^].

Having courage, guts, or nerve, as in "having balls" or "growing some balls". This meaning comes from the association of testicles with masculinity and bravery[^5^].

Playing a game or sport that involves balls, as in "going balls deep" or "going balls for Android". This meaning is more literal and refers to the activity of using balls in various ways[^3^].

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Collect new balls to act as extra lives, grab keys if you can, unlock cool new stuff, and grab as many coins as you can as well in order to increase your score. Now you know how simple it all is, so start right now and have the best time possible!

Going Balls is like many bowling games but with an added twist. Instead of just one platform, you'll face a whirlwind of different platforms with varying degrees of difficulty. Additionally, there are many levels to play, but each one presents unique challenges. You'll also collect gold coins to help you unlock more balls as you play.

In Going Balls, you control a ball as it races down a track in more than 1,000 levels. Each track comes with its own set of challenges that you must overcome. It's full of twists and turns, with obstacles such as cubes, lines, and more. Aside from that, you'll have to collect coins as you go along to earn rewards and unlock more balls.

One of the main features of this app is its collection of futuristic balls. You can unlock and use these balls to improve your gaming experience. There are a variety of balls to choose from, including basketballs, footballs, billiard balls, baseballs, and even a ball with fruit designs like apple, watermelon, and more. Each ball has its own distinct design, making this a fun game for all ages.

This challenging rolling ball platformer unveils a new level of thrills for lovers of fun rides! Get a funny collection of balls to play with and meet more inventive and outright treacherous tasks at every turn!

Keep your ball going and avoid all obstacles in this offline action game! Download Going Balls with BlueStacks and have fun! You can run different mobile games on BlueStacks alongside other apps and create multiple instances without consuming excess resources! Gaming with BlueStacks Airplane Mode is made for a smoother user experience and uninterrupted play.

You need Adobe Flash Player to play Going Balls 3D.Click to use Flash#maingamecontainerposition: relative;@media (min-width: 1130px) and (max-width: 1459px) #maingamecontainerfloat: none !important;.g_ads_lposition: absolute;top: 0px;left: -50px;.g_ads_rposition: absolute;right: -50px;top: 0px;@media (max-width: 575.98px) .side-adsdisplay: none; Advertisement(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle []).push(); Click here to playAdvertisement(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle []).push(); Going Balls 3D Going Balls 3D 9 votes : 4.28 / 5 1 Many individuals eagerly anticipate playing the fun and cost-free game Going Balls 3D when they have some free time.The goal of this game is for you to navigate all of the various paths that are open to you while enjoying captivating sights and thrilling gameplay. Many of the platforming challenges in the game center on this tiny ball, and they have all been created to do so. Each level's objective is to get you to the finish line while managing to retain the balls that are bouncing along the road in the air. Starting with level 1, you will progress through a number of levels, each of which is set in a distinct location. The context will change and a large amount of fresh data will need to be taken into account during the advanced rounds. It's possible that as time passes, the challenges you encounter will change and get harder. There won't be any ramps to leap over, roadside guardrails, big hammers flying around, or anything else like that. You will have the option to buy new skins with the coin that you have earned once you have completed a level in the game and earned money along the way.Let's play this game together and have some healthy competition.Everyone honestly appreciates playing the free and enjoyable game of "Going Balls" in their free time.

We played so many balls from childhood but did not feel fun and excitement while playing those games. This game seems like a temple run and subway surf game, but there is a name difference: some characters run and collect the coins. But in this going ball game, the ball is continuously moving forward and collecting the coins and faces so many obstacles and problems playing this game.

Going Balls Mod Apk is an awesome game which is designed to provide the users with an awesome opportunity to play rolling ball games on their Android devices instead of going too far off place to find the place where a rolling ball game is available. Going Balls Mod Apk has been downloaded by so many people and many of the people have really good things to say about this game and that is pretty much obvious in the reviews.

Going Balls Apk has interactive touch controls which are highly sensitive and you can control your ball easily from your Android device. The controls are displayed on the screen and you can use them right away. You have to effectively aim at your target. There will be many obstacles and you will also be crossing a difficult path. but you have to take your ball from all such difficult and dangerous tracks and make it reach the target so that you win the game.There are so many balls of different types and you can use all of them in your gameplay and make it more interesting. you can also compete with your friends and can double up the fun level.

In Going Balls Mod Apk there are so many exciting balls and you can use any of these balls in order to play your game. The balls will be useful for you as you can play the game by using different balls. The balls will allow you to hit on your target and make the victory right on target. The game play becomes exciting when you play the game while being with your friends so you can even challenge each other and compete on making the best high scores.

In Going Balls Mod Apk you will be making use of the controls and hitting the target. The balls will be available to you and you have to smartly use the balls and then you have to aim at the targets tactfully and move your ball while hitting the targets.

In Going Balls Mod Apk there will be many dangerous paths and you have to move your balls on the dangerous and tricky paths. Going Balls Mod Apk has an exciting gameplay and you will definitely enjoy it.

Going Balls Mod Apk is a stunning and excellent game which you can enjoy while playing your favorite game on your Android device. You can use lots of balls and you will be having unlimited tries. In order to aim at your target you have to play smartly because if you miss that target you have to start again. Download Going Balls Mod Apk and enjoy the splendid gameplay.

"@context": " ", "@type": "FAQPage", "mainEntity": [ "@type": "Question", "name": "How to download the Going Balls offline game?", "acceptedAnswer": "@type": "Answer", "text": "Going balls is one of the best offline games and its play store rating is high. People are playing going balls and reviewing write on the play store. I thought it was good feedback for the Going Balls gaming company." ]

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