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The Complete World Of Greek Mythology Pdf: A Review of Richard Buxton's Book

If you are looking for a comprehensive and accessible introduction to the myths and legends of ancient Greece, you might want to check out The Complete World Of Greek Mythology by Richard Buxton. This book, published in 2004, offers a rich and vivid account of the stories, characters, themes, and contexts of Greek mythology, from the creation of the cosmos to the adventures of heroes and gods.

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Buxton, who is a professor of Greek language and literature at the University of Bristol, draws on his extensive knowledge and research to present a clear and engaging overview of the sources, interpretations, and influences of Greek mythology. He covers not only the well-known epics and dramas of Homer, Hesiod, and the tragedians, but also the lesser-known works of poetry, prose, art, and cult. He also explores how Greek mythology relates to the historical, social, cultural, and geographical realities of ancient Greece, as well as how it has been reimagined and adapted by later generations.

The book is divided into three main parts: The Contexts of Myth, The Themes of Myth, and The Reception of Myth. The first part provides a background on the origins and development of Greek mythology, the different types and genres of mythic narratives, and the methods and challenges of studying them. The second part examines some of the key topics and motifs of Greek mythology, such as the nature of the gods, the creation of the world, the role of fate and justice, the interaction between humans and divine beings, the concept of heroism, and the representation of gender and sexuality. The third part traces the reception and transformation of Greek mythology from antiquity to modern times, showing how it has inspired various forms of literature, art, philosophy, religion, politics, and popular culture.

The book is lavishly illustrated with more than 300 color photographs and drawings that showcase the artistic expressions and representations of Greek mythology in different media and periods. It also features genealogical tables that help readers keep track of the complex family relationships among the gods and heroes, as well as box features that highlight some of the most interesting and controversial aspects of Greek mythology. In addition, the book includes a glossary of Greek terms, a bibliography of further reading, an index of names and places, and an index of themes.

The Complete World Of Greek Mythology is a valuable resource for anyone who wants to learn more about the fascinating and influential stories that shaped the imagination and identity of ancient Greece. It is also a great companion for students and teachers who are studying or teaching Greek mythology in various disciplines. Whether you are a beginner or an expert in this field, you will find something new and exciting in this book.

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One of the strengths of Buxton's book is that he does not present Greek mythology as a monolithic or static system, but rather as a dynamic and diverse phenomenon that reflects the multiplicity and complexity of ancient Greek culture. He shows how different regions, periods, genres, and authors have shaped and reshaped the myths according to their own perspectives and purposes. He also acknowledges the gaps, contradictions, and variations that exist within and between the sources, and invites readers to critically evaluate and compare them.

Another strength of Buxton's book is that he does not treat Greek mythology as an isolated or exotic subject, but rather as a vital and relevant part of human culture and history. He demonstrates how Greek mythology has influenced and been influenced by other cultures and traditions, both ancient and modern. He also explores how Greek mythology can help us understand and appreciate some of the universal themes and questions that concern humanity, such as the nature of existence, the meaning of life, the role of morality, and the value of creativity.

The Complete World Of Greek Mythology is a book that will appeal to a wide range of readers, from students and scholars to enthusiasts and general audiences. It is a book that will inform and inspire, entertain and enlighten, challenge and delight. It is a book that will open your eyes to the wonders and wisdom of Greek mythology.

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