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Pipoy Anak Ni Pepito (inosenteng Nilalang 2)

Pipoy Anak Ni Pepito (inosenteng nilalang 2)

Pipoy Anak Ni Pepito (inosenteng nilalang 2) is a Filipino comedy novel by Zack. It is the sequel to Inosenteng Nilalang, which tells the story of Pipoy, a half-human, half-alien boy who was born from a spaceship that crashed on Earth. Pipoy's father is Pepito, a simple farmer who fell in love with an alien woman named Lala. Pipoy has inherited his mother's powers, such as telepathy, telekinesis, and shape-shifting.

In the second book, Pipoy is now a teenager who attends high school with his best friend, Bokbok. He faces many challenges and adventures, such as dealing with bullies, finding a girlfriend, joining a band, and discovering his true identity. He also learns more about his alien heritage and the secrets of his mother's planet. Along the way, he meets new friends and enemies, such as a mysterious girl named Maya, a rival band leader named Rocco, and a sinister alien hunter named Dr. X.

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The novel is full of humor, romance, action, and suspense. It also explores themes such as family, friendship, identity, and diversity. The author uses witty dialogue, colorful characters, and hilarious situations to entertain and inspire the readers. The novel is available on SoundCloud and on 1st Step Learning Academy.

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