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This camera was one of the better equipped Rapid models from Agfa. The special feature of this camera series was the rapid cartridge - it was Agfa's response to the introduced by Kodak Instamatic cartridge. Just as the negative of these had a square format, but slightly smaller, namely 24x24 mm. The system facilitated the rapid film loading and created security against light accidentally opened the camera. Two cartridges were used: filled with the unexposed film and a blank. After loading the back wall of the camera and closing the film automatically threaded into the empty cartridge. Was the movie through, the one formerly used as a full cartridge empty cartridge and you could load the camera with a new Rapid film - Rewind was no longer necessary. On a negative format of 24x24 mm you got 16 images. The film was a normal miniature film, so you can still fill the Rapid cartridges back at some skill. When the shutter is automatically Isomat Rapid controlled by the selenium light diameter from 4.5 to 22 with an exposure time of 1/70 second. For use with flash unit was switched to 1/30, the appropriate aperture to be set manually. Focusing is done by either symbols or numbers (from 1 m). Adequate or inadequate lighting conditions were indicated by a red or green signal in the viewfinder. The lens was the Dreilinser Agnar. The Isomat Rapid cost in 1966 89, - DM Against the Instamatic cartridge, Agfa's method could not prevail. So Agfa built from 1967 and the cameras for the 126er system and had run out, the Rapid system 1973. After all, by then about 5 million Rapid cameras were produced.

Saanncha The Mould Full Movie Bluray Download



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