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Buy A Casket From Walmart

Caskets became a part of Walmart's ever-expanding inventory in 2009. Although you can only order caskets online, buying a Casket At Walmart may be a good option in some cases, let's dig into details.The average funeral expense in the US is $7,848, according to the National Funeral Directors Association. And the casket is the single most expensive item averaging at $2,200.Buying a casket may be one of the most complex decisions you might have to make in a lifetime. Considering that funerals are by no means a cheap affair, getting a good deal from a casket during a stressful time is welcome.So, can you get a casket for sale at Walmart? And can you get better casket deals outside of Walmart? Find out the answers below.

buy a casket from walmart


If you are a patron of Walmart and have a credit card with the retailer, you can get caskets at a sale price. Walmart caskets are by no means expensive when you compare them to the average national standards. However, you can save up to additional money on a coffin with a Walmart credit card.Walmart also offers options to pay for the casket in monthly payments over three to 12 months with the credit card.This offer, however, does not apply if you don't have a Walmart credit card.Furthermore, you can also finance the Walmart caskets. The online caskets are financed through Affirm, a financial lender, and you can make the payments over 3, 6 and 12 months.Regardless of the product, financing through a lender is always appealing since you don't actually have to fork out the money from your wallet. In addition, financing a casket for a loved one may be a good option if you can't make the payment at one go. However, financing a Walmart casket through this lender can be very expensive as the APR is exceptionally high.

Experian estimates that the average APR on personal loans is 9.41%. On the other hand, the APR for Walmart caskets from Affirm is between 10% and 30% at both extremes, which is pretty high according to the national average.So financing a casket at Walmart may require you to pay much more...The price of caskets at Walmart starts at about $1200, which is below the national average prices for the funeral caskets at the funeral home. Caskets at the higher end carry a price tag of $3,395. Most of the caskets at Walmart cost about $1,400, which is quite reasonable compared to the funeral homes prices.Regardless of the price and quality of the caskets, Walmart charges a standard $49.97 shipping fee. Of course, the shipping charges of the caskets are subject to change depending on several factors. Here at Trusted Caskets, our prices start from $899 for the same models Walmart has on its site. We have many options in wood and metal caskets for any customer's taste.

2. Cost efficiencyGetting a casket online also allows you to decide how much you can or want to pay for it. You can look at the price and the style of the casket and choose what suits your needs and budget.If you are at a funeral home where the choice usually limited, you may not have the option to choose from a few. Therefore, you can end up with a casket that you didn't really like or pay more than you intended.Ordering a casket from online retailer like Trusted Caskets warrants additional shipping fees. However, most online retailers keep the casket shipping costs minimal, so you don't actually pay more than is necessary or you can enjoy free delivery.

Caskets at Walmart are a more affordable and convenient way to make the last important purchase at the end of a journey. These caskets are of good quality and are budget-friendly.However, chances of getting a Walmart casket at the best possible price on the market are very slim. Even if you have a Walmart credit card or get financing for the casket, it does not come at a sale price per se. You must take into considerations paying interest rates for several months, which can inflate the overall cost of the casket.

A better option to get a budget-friendly casket is to check out a credit card or personal loan. Even then, you must pay the interest rates, which may not be financially a very smart decision, but of cause, it all depends on the personal situation.

A better option to get a budget-friendly casket is to check out a credit card or personal loan. Even then, you must pay the interest rates, which may not be financially a very smart decision, but of cause, it all depends on the personal situation.

In addition, all funeral caskets from Trusted Caskets are of great quality, and you can find them in different styles, finishes, and materials. So whether you want a metal casket or a hardwood casket, our casket site has the right one for you.Every casket is furnished with the right amount of bedding that you and your loved one will appreciate.Shopping for a casket is by no means an easy task. But with reliable casket suppliers like Trusted Caskets who offer top-class caskets at very competitive pricing, you don't have to stress further trying to get the right casket at a price that suits your wallet.

You might not know what type of casket to choose, how much a casket should cost, or how to purchase such a large item. Plus, time spent considering caskets for a loved one can be emotional and exhausting.

As strange as it might sound, you can in fact purchase a casket from Walmart. The retailer added caskets to its online catalog in 2009. It initially launched the product line as a beta test to gauge consumer interest. More than a decade later, Walmart offers three casket brands in various styles, colors, and materials.

Suppose your funeral director refuses to accept a third-party casket. In that case, they may be fined or required to attend training by the FTC. To report a violation of the Funeral Rule, visit the FTC website.

These casket brands are available from other online retailers, including Amazon and casket-specific sellers. They also each have websites that sell their products online. Usually, identical caskets are available for the same prices as Walmart listings.

As part of the data we collected for our funeral caskets prices guide, Walmart had some of the best deals we found. A 40% saving on something that makes up one of the most prominent funeral expenses is significant.

The range of caskets Walmart offers is reasonably varied. On the website, they list 96 options. Once you remove duplicates and different color options of the same item, there are actually around 30 styles available. Primarily, they sell traditional wood and metal caskets like the following:

Once you factor in shipping of around $50, you can buy a 20-gauge steel Casket Emporium casket for $1,050. This is one of the most affordable options on the market today and impeccable value for money.

At the higher end, various hardwood and 18-gauge metal caskets at Walmart cost $3,000+. However, once you are spending that amount of money, we recommend going directly to the casket maker to ensure you are getting precisely what you need.

Walmart caskets are also available with finance through options like Affirm if you cannot afford cash payment when buying the casket. Although there are certainly better options with more reasonable interest rates for credit on the market.

Next, you click on the casket you want to learn more about. The information on the product page is decent. It shows the features and specs of the casket, including facts about its exterior material (steel or wood) and interior lining (e.g. velvet or crepe).

The average funeral home has an overhead of $3,000/week and an average of 1 funeral per week, so they try to make $6,000 to $7,000 on each funeral. They typically add $3,000 to the price of the casket and have a $4,000 funeral. So there is your $7,000 profit on the funeral.

Why does an 18-gauge metal refrigerator with sealer cost $800-$900 but a 18-gauge metal casket with a sealer cost $4500 at the funeral home. The only difference is the casket has no refrigeration. Why would the casket be $3000 more. Oh, now you see what I am saying!

Hi, I am the inventor of the DanCof PULP caskets and urns. I am looking forward to be ready with my homepage and the production, so i can show it to you. And then the most interesting for me is how you do like my ideas. Visit the site and se what they describe, and then I would appreciate to know any positive or negative opinions.

Hi Lucy, first of all i am glad that you will prefer a PULP instead of a cardboard casket/coffin. I am sure you will find it more nice, but note, that all the all teh different ornaments is not shown on the picture on the model, but they do the coffin more nice than what yo have seen yet. If you are a Christian you can get a cross, are you a communist, you can have hammer and sickle (wonder if there are any left) are you a sailor, you can get an anchor, etc, etc., so there are many different ornaments to choice between.

Members buying coffins at Costco through their online store can be afforded significant cost savings as opposed to those associated with purchasing a casket through a funeral home. This is not to say that this is the cheapest coffin retailer, but you will be able to order a quality casket at a reasonable price. However, only a handful of products are available through the membership club, and you cannot make changes to the color or style of the product.

There are a number of other small online casket sellers that offer quality caskets at prices that are cheaper than those available at funeral homes. Companies like Trusted Caskets provide quality guarantees, a variety of funeral coffins and caskets, and shipping to anywhere in the United States.

Pre-purchasing a casket secures a fixed price for you and your family, guarding against inflation. Unlike many funeral home pre-planning packages, there are no additional charges that will arise when the casket is required.

Caskets can be expensive. Today, you have more options for purchasing a casket, including from online vendors such as Amazon, Walmart and Costco. If you want to avoid purchasing a casket, some funeral homes allow you to rent a casket for a service. 041b061a72

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