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[S2E4] We Shall Not Be Moved

The four inmate statements from the court file are below. Many of them were recorded after the men had moved on from the Leflore County Jail to serve out the rest of their sentences in state prison or under house arrest.

[S2E4] We Shall Not Be Moved


Once inside, Luke comes out to find them, and Clementine can reveal Nick's death to Luke (if he was still alive) to which he is horrified and saddened. Luke then explains that Sarah had run to this trailer park for shelter and hasn't moved since. Clementine rushes over to find Sarah huddled in the corner of a room in shock, presumably over her father's death. Clementine attempts to talk to her in order to get her to move, but time begins to run out as the trailer is surrounded by walkers. Luke notes that the only exit is now a skylight. Walkers begin to break the main door down, and Jane rushes to help block it, asking for Luke's help in doing so. After failing to get Sarah to move, Clementine will go help Jane and Luke, looking for something they could climb on top on to reach the skylight. It turns out that the furniture they used to block the door is the only item they can use to do so, and together they quickly move it over to where the skylight is, with Jane killing the attacking walkers that have entered the trailer. Luke is the first to exit the skylight, and it is then up to Clementine to convince Sarah to leave or to let her stay. If she convinces her to leave, Clementine will ultimately have to slap Sarah in order to get her to move through the skylight, but if she leaves Sarah, the latter will start screaming for Clementine and become engulfed by walkers as Clementine and Jane exit through the skylight. Depending on Clementine's choice, all four, or only three of the survivors can return to Parker's Run.

The Mandalorian is growing up. The Disney+ series has been bringing minor Star Wars characters back onscreen for a year now, and in its second season has moved on to reprising Season 1 characters. Fan-favorite sassy mechanic Peli Motto, played by Amy Sedaris, appeared in two of the three episodes we've seen so far, and there's likely to be more in the upcoming episodes. A new leak suggests two familiar faces will return in Chapter 12, but it may not lead to more appearances in the future.

Cal then returned home and launched a tirade of honesty at his family. Unable to live in warped reality any longer, heavily intoxicated, he came clean to his family about his secret, double-life. He admitted to sleeping with women, men, and transwomen, even confessing to his oldest son Aaron (Zak Steiner) he had sex with a man whilst his mother, Marsha (Paula Marshall), was pregnant with him. 041b061a72

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