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its a long-running debate among believers about whether christianity should be looked upon as strictly a religious phenomenon. there is a growing belief that the tenets of christianity such as its emphasis on the importance of mercy, charity, and love toward others in fact make it a force for peace and global cooperation among all people. in the prince of egypt, the film illustrates how this institution of christianity had a somewhat positive effect on the israelite people. with no large cities to rule over, the israelites had more time to grow peaceful and cooperative.

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the chotts are a permanent feature of many oasis regions in north africa and the middle east, including in the western desert of egypt, syria, the south of saudi arabia, the northern part of yemen, and the southern basin of the arab-nubian shield in sudan, although most of these areas are heavily degraded today (orimo et al. 2008 1708 ; ben hassine and nouira 2015 1709 ; chotts in the western desert ). the term chotts comes from the village of chott el-jedida, which lies in the centre of the depression. chotts are formed when a tree-covered area of land with a low water table is covered with a layer of clay and sand, and finally by water from a rapidly rising groundwater table. the chotts are the lowest portion of the water table, which enables water to seep down from the surface to the top of the chotts and evaporate, where it then is re-saturated to the level of the groundwater table. therefore, the soil becomes wet on top of the chotts, and the water spreads to the surrounding area by evapotranspiration. however, the chotts are becoming smaller and fewer (see example in figure 3.16), because the chotts are getting covered by infiltrating rain water from the surrounding arid landscape, due to droughts and the expansion of agriculture. only 200-250 chotts with a total area of 900 ha exist in the area of siwa oasis today (othman al-manasif and rached 2015 1710 ).

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