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Serato Video Serial Number Cap Or Lower Case

Serato Video Serial Number: Does It Matter If It's Capitalized or Not?

Serato Video is a plug-in for Serato DJ that allows you to display and manipulate video content, such as transitions, FX, and video mixing. To use Serato Video, you need to activate it with a license code that you can purchase from the Serato website. But does it matter if you enter the serial number in capital letters or lower case letters? The answer is no, it doesn't matter.

The Serato Video serial number is not case sensitive, which means that you can enter it in any combination of upper and lower case letters. For example, if your serial number is ABCD-1234-EFGH-5678, you can also enter it as abcd-1234-efgh-5678, AbCd-1234-EfGh-5678, or any other variation. The important thing is that you enter the correct letters and numbers, and that you don't confuse them with similar-looking characters, such as O and 0, or I and 1.


To activate Serato Video, you need to visit and enter your serial number in the box that says "Add a product". Then click "Add" and your Serato Video license will be activated. You can then open Serato DJ Pro and start using Serato Video. If you have any problems with activating or using Serato Video, you can contact the Serato support team here.

Serato Video is a great way to enhance your DJ performance with visuals that match your music. You can use Serato compatible hardware, third-party MIDI controllers, or your mouse and keyboard to control Serato Video. You can also learn more about Serato Video basics, such as aspect ratios, video connectors, video formats, and graphics card settings from the Serato support website.

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