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The Duncan Theatre programs are funded in part by the State of Florida, Department of State, Division of Cultural Affairs, The Florida Council on Arts and Culture, The Cultural Council of Palm Beach County, Palm Beach County Commission, and the Tourist Development Council. The Duncan Theatre and Palm Beach State College gratefully acknowledge these partners and founders, as well as the generous contributions from our members and patrons for their support of our year-long series of events.

hit n mix full 80

At that point, the project will occupy a prime role on the island's grid, which has a peak demand of 80 megawatts. The solar component totals 56 megawatts-DC and 35 megawatts-AC, an unusually high ratio. At full output, the 20-megawatt hydro turbine will meet a quarter of the island's peak needs.

a, Metagenomics analysis of next-generation sequencing of BALF from patient ICU06. b, Genomic organization of 2019-nCoV WIV04. M, membrane. c, Similarity plot based on the full-length genome sequence of 2019-nCoV WIV04. Full-length genome sequences of SARS-CoV BJ01, bat SARSr-CoV WIV1, bat coronavirus RaTG13 and ZC45 were used as reference sequences. d, Phylogenetic tree based on nucleotide sequences of complete genomes of coronaviruses. MHV, murine hepatitis virus; PEDV, porcine epidemic diarrhoea virus; TGEV, porcine transmissible gastroenteritis virus.The scale bars represent 0.1 substitutions per nucleotide position. Descriptions of the settings and software that was used are included in the Methods.

Routine sequence management and analysis was carried out using DNAStar. The sequence alignment of complete genome sequences was performed using MAFFT (v.7.307) with default parameters. The codon alignments of full-length S and RdRp gene sequences were converted from the corresponding protein alignments by PAL2NAL (v.14); the protein alignments were created by Clustal Omega (v.1.2.4) using default parameters. Maximum likelihood phylogenetic trees were generated using RAxML (v.0.9.0) with GTR+G substitution model and 1,000 bootstrap replicates.

For the majority of the 80s, Phil Collins was inescapable. Not a natural fit amid a sea of flashy MTV megastars, the 30-something Genesis frontman went solo in 1981. Launching a full-on assault on the airwaves, he became one of the best-selling male artists of the decade. With 150 million records sold worldwide to date, the drummer turned singer unequivocally deserves to be recognised as a music icon who defined the 80s like no other pop star. Here is our list of the 20 best Phil Collins songs from across his hugely successful solo career.

In Warzone, you can blast out some absolute tunes from your vehicle as you marauder through the newly-nuked Verdansk or Rebirth Island. We'll all have our personal favourites, but with a bunch of new ones coming out in the Season Three Battle Pass, I've put together a full list of all the War Tracks available in Warzone.

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